Three students follow a reclusive, mysterious hunter believing that he is a bear poacher. What they discover instead will change everything they believe to be true about the world.

The Highs
The Norwegian countryside is gorgeous, and it is on full display in Troll Hunter. For someone that has never been to the country, it was really awesome to see its splendor.

The premise of this film is great. I have always been a subscriber to the idea that there is much more to the world than what we think we know, and Troll Hunter explores that through the lens of a camera. I really enjoyed the lore about trolls and the different types, along with their varied habitats and attributes.

The Lows
Unfortunately, the majority of Troll Hunter isn’t all that interesting. There are long segments where nothing happens and, while footage of Norway is certainly beautiful, it doesn’t make for a compelling viewing experience. The film moves slowly, plodding along at a pace that feels much longer than its actual run-time.

Several aspects of the plot are nonsensical, even for a film about trolls. It doesn’t make any sense that trolls could be wandering about without people seeing or hearing them, especially given that some are hundreds of feet tall. The idea of power lines being used as a barrier against trolls is also ridiculous, given that said trolls could simply knock the towers down or duck under the cables with relative ease.

The cinematography of Troll Hunter is very bad at times, with the incessant cuts being both nauseating and frustrating. The film itself is edited in such a way to emulate found-footage, but comes off as choppy and amateur.

While a lot of the CGI is very impressive here, especially given the budget of the film, some of it is also quite bad. The troll with three heads, for instance, looks awful. That said, none of the trolls are even remotely terrifying. I understand wanting to keep them similar to their storybook appearances but, unfortunately, this prevents any sense of real horror.

Final Thoughts
Troll Hunter is a film with an interesting premise that is hindered by its glacial pace and overall awful cinematography and editing.

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