The Perfection


Charlotte (Allison Williams) left her life as a musical prodigy to care for her dying mother, and a decade later returns to the academy and mentor she left behind with plans to expose a dark and twisted secret.

The Highs
I literally can’t think of a single thing that I liked about this film.

The Lows
Let’s start with the obvious – the script. It’s awful. And by awful, I mean absolutely horrendous. Every line is awkward and unrealistic, not even resembling anything that would come out of an actual person’s mouth. The dialogue between Charlotte and Lizzie (Logan Browning) was tolerably mediocre at the beginning of the film, but things only continued to get worse as the writing continued to prove itself more and more amateur.

The plot here is just as bad as the script. Completely nonsensical in every sense of the word, with gaping holes and gaps in logic. The idiotic ‘rewind’ segments serve only to extend the length of The Perfection and, amusingly, serve to make the story even less interesting. There could have been some semblance of a surprising twist had everything been revealed at the end, instead of bludgeoning the audience with it throughout. The final scenes of The Perfection are absolutely asinine and cause me to believe that this has to be some kind of campy horror satire.

The empty mannequins that serve as characters in this film are neither written well nor acted well. No one behaves like an actual human being. Logan Browning’s performance ranges from mediocre to awful, with the sequence on the bus being the absolute worst in the entire film. Allison Williams delivers a passable effort, given the dreadfully juvenile script that she was supplied with.

The cinematography is consistently bad. Multiple over-the-shoulder shots with strange depth of field serve to make The Perfection’s visuals just as bad as every other aspect of the film. On top of everything else, The Perfection is painfully boring and feels much longer than it actually is.

Final Thoughts
With absolutely no redeeming qualities, The Perfection joins the list of Netflix films that never should have been created and certainly should not be bothered with.

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