I Am Mother


A girl is raised by the robot “Mother”, specifically designed to repopulate the Earth in the event of a massive calamity. Everything is changed when Mother’s true purpose – and identity – is revealed by a mysterious stranger.

The Highs
The robot, Mother, looks great. I couldn’t tell how much was CGI and how much was practical effects, and that is always a good thing.

The Lows
The plot is bad. Truly awful. What begins as a near exact replication of the film 10 Cloverfield Lane – which I also didn’t like – becomes a muddled mess of questionable motivations and expansive plot holes. Why would a robot kill off the entire population of Earth, only to attempt to repopulate with perfect humans? What is the goal here? How does the artificial intelligence benefit from this action?

Hilary Swank’s character is never explained. Why did she randomly show up at the bunker? Who shot her? But more importantly, did she really expect that an army of super intelligent robots wouldn’t find her secret dwelling inside of a derelict shipping container?

This film is very long, and extremely dull. Literally nothing happens for at least the entire first hour. The color palette really doesn’t help anything, flooding every scene with dull grays and whites. I understand that this was probably intended to make it look futuristic, but it doesn’t work and it’s not interesting.

I expected there to at least be some kind of commentary on women and motherhood within the narrative, being a film titled I Am Mother and featuring an exclusively female cast. However, the deepest sentiment that is conveyed here is that humanity is awful and should be destroyed.

Final Thoughts
I Am Mother is a boring, uninspired film that borrows themes from various other sources without ever saying or doing anything to set it apart.

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