Triple Threat


A billionaire’s daughter is intent on bringing down a local crime syndicate and, when a bounty is placed on her head, an unlikely team of mercenaries must join together to protect her.

The Highs
The fight scenes involving Scott Adkins are the best thing about this film. There are some other okay action moments, and some of the cinematography isn’t bad.

The Lows
Let’s begin with the plot. I honestly have no idea what this film was even really about, because it is literally all over the place. I couldn’t tell you why Xian (Celina Jade) believed donating money to some charity or something would stop crime. I can’t tell you who is behind any of the events or their motivations. In fact, none of the character motivations make any logical sense whatsoever. Jaka (Iko Uwais) wants to double-cross the mercenaries because somehow that will make it easier to kill them? Xian wants to be used as bait in a gambit that literally puts her in danger of being killed and serves no beneficial purpose.

The fight choreography is honestly the most disappointing thing about Triple Threat. With a cast full of amazing martial artists, one would assume to witness fantastic battles and intense combat. Instead, the audience is treated to typical cuts and cheesy slow motion. That’s when there is any actual action, because the majority of Triple Threat is devoid of it altogether.

The script is blatantly and offensively awful. With lines such as, “That’s the worst decision you’ll never live to regret,” and, “No more talk, just die,” it’s hard to comprehend how this film even made it to release. The performances only exacerbate the issue, and that is almost wholly to blame on the fact that English is obviously not the first language of most of the cast.

The sound and visual effects are awful. Gunshots and explosions not only sound terrible, but they look just as bad. The score is completely forgettable.

Final Thoughts
Triple Threat is a boring, horribly made film that wastes both the incredible talent of the cast and the time of the audience.

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