I had heard this was good so I decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, it’s just not. For an attempt at reality, the script sure is awful. No one talks the way that people in [REC] talk. It’s all so over-the-top and hysterical beyond belief. Even the calm moments at the fire department are horrible.

The standard shaky first-person view is employed here to dizzying effect, often causing the viewer to feel nauseous rather than any sense of frantic urgency.

The in-world lore about the infection and the zombies constantly changes to suit what’s happening on camera. Of course the little, sick child undergoes her rabid transformation at the precise moment she can bite her mother’s face. Why wouldn’t the other random child zombie in the attic attack like every other zombie does?

The back and forth through the apartment building gets old very, very quickly. Go upstairs! Go downstairs! No, back upstairs!

The main problem here is the same with every found-footage film – why would anyone still be filming? There’s a particular scene where Angela (Manuela Velasco) is frantically looking for the keys that could possibly save their lives, and Pablo (Pablo Rosso) is literally just following her around with the camera. It’s all so comical and stupid.

The final sequence almost feels like it’s a different film. This half-assed attempt at providing some background to the events feels contrived and tacked-on. Not to mention the grotesquely hilarious creature featured in the final moments.

[REC] is a standard zombie film made worse by the reliance upon a mediocre gimmick.

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