I absolutely love the worldbuilding in Prospect. I love the lush forest, the cobbled-together junk technology, and the lingo that makes this world feel so much different than our own.

I love that the viewer is dropped into this universe without preamble, that there is very little exposition and that the audience is required to pay attention to what the characters are saying.

The cinematography is honestly breathtaking. This is certainly one of the best looking films I’ve seen in recent memory.

Unfortunately, Prospect falls short when it comes to characters and plot. There is very little of either, and the film suffers for it. It’s hard to care about the death of Damon (Jay Duplass) when his own daughter couldn’t care less. Likewise, it’s hard to be affected by the loss of Ezra’s (Pedro Pascal) arm when it has little to no bearing on the characters or the story.

As much as I love the worldbuilding here, it all feels rushed. It’s as though the characters are pushed from one set piece to another, meeting one individual after another in attempt to flesh out the alien moon that they’ve been stranded on. For being such an immense space, it feels contrived that our protagonists would be at the center of so much activity.

Prospect is very well done considering it had, what I assume was, a relatively small budget. Despite lacking any real memorable characters or plot developments, it’s certainly worth a viewing for anyone that loves science fiction.

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