The Machinist


The script for this movie is just bad. People don’t talk like this. People don’t even think like this.

The acting is bad. Christian Bale (Trevor Reznik) does his best, but even his performance suffers from some really awful moments.

The score is bad. It sounds like something taken straight from a Twilight Zone episode, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Constant music that attempts to be disorienting and is instead simply annoying.

The plot is overly simplistic and yet considers itself to be incredibly complex. Red herrings galore that do nothing but prolong an obvious ending. Not only that, but The Machinist treats its viewers as if they are morons. We see Trevor disposing of a body at the beginning of the film, and yet we aren’t supposed to immediately figure out that the sticky note says “killer”?

Worse yet, the actual events are revealed in a lightning-quick montage that is meant to elicit some form of eureka moment from the audience. The viewer has no reason to care, however, having no meaningful connection to any character in this film.

I honestly don’t know what people see in The Machinist. The only remarkable thing about this entire film is Christian Bale’s emaciated appearance.

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