I went into Glass not knowing exactly what to expect. I wasn’t a huge fan of Split although, thinking back, perhaps I should watch it again knowing what to expect. I viewed Split believing it to be, like many others, a psychological horror film. I was not expected a villain origin story.

I really enjoyed just about everything in regards to Glass. I loved the slow, meticulous and deliberate way that the story is told. I loved that Shyamalan doesn’t tell the viewer too much. Is this a film about real super heroes, or is it about a mental disorder wherein people believe they possess supernatural abilities? In true Shyamalan fashion, he leaves you guessing until the end.

The score is phenomenal. More horror than anything, the shrieking discordant sounds accentuate the feeling that something is not right. The way that Glass is filmed, all shadows and odd angles, displays the comic book roots that Shyamalan emulates.

James McAvoy once again steals the show with his acting prowess. The way that he gives life to so many different characters and transitions seamlessly between them all is a sight to behold. That’s not to say he is alone, as all of the performances were exceptional.

While I was disappointed in some regards with the end of the film, I understand why the choices were made. I am excited to see how Shyamalan decides to grow this exquisite universe that he’s crafted, and can’t wait for its next entry.

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