This was slow. Like really slow, and really boring. I’m all for a slow-burn film, as long as there’s a worthwhile payoff at the end.

Unfortunately, Thelma is anything but satisfying.

I understand the implied drama here. I understand that the vast majority of Christianity considers homosexuality a sin and vilifies it. However, that is never shown in this film. Thelma (Eili Harboe) is conflicted, hating herself and trying to erase her feelings towards Anja (Kaya Wilkins). For what? Not one single person in this film says anything to make her feel this way.

Thelma is a good looking film with beautiful cinematography and excellent performances. It’s a shame that so little actually happens to make it all worthwhile.

While the comparisons between Thelma and Carrie are uncanny, there is nothing about this film that is memorable or disturbing in any way. It offers nothing new to the genre in terms of plot or atmosphere.

Not a horrible film, but certainly not worthy of the two hours that it consumes.

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