The Foreigner


What an awful film.

I love Jackie Chan, but this was absolute garbage.

The main reason The Foreigner fails on all respects is that it’s a dull, uninteresting look at politics between the Irish and the British. Movies about politics are never interesting, period. I want to watch films to get away from the monotony of real life, not to hear more about it.

Jackie Chan is criminally underutilized in this film. He disappears about half-way through, his story replaced by a mundane political “thriller”. Jackie Chan’s character, Quan, could never have existed in this film and every outcome would be the same.

It’s almost as if Martin Campbell realized how insufferably dull his film was, and decided to try and spice things up a bit by adding Jackie Chan and a couple of quick fight scenes.

Pierce Brosnan’s Irish accent is horrible. It was actually distracting.

None of the characters in The Foreigner are interesting in any way. Quan (Jackie Chan) comes the closest, but doesn’t have enough screen time to really make an impact. Not only that, but Quan’s history is a muddled mess that doesn’t exactly add up if you’re paying attention to the details.

The Foreigner is a complete disappointment, a complete disregard of talent, and a complete waste of time.

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