John Wick


It never gets old watching bad guys get beat to a bloody pulp and shot to death.

If there’s one thing I enjoy most, it’s the righteousness of revenge. Right or wrong, that’s my opinion. If someone killed my dog, I would hunt them to the ends of the earth and put them down myself.

John Wick manages to bring connection to an otherwise cold-blooded character by exposing his humanity. The scene where John (Keanu Reeves) wakes to find that Daisy had drug herself across the room to die next to him shattered my heart. I’ve never teared up during a film before, but that scene right there just about did it.

The fight choreography in this film is exceptional. I measure action films by The Raid and, while John Wick doesn’t manage to reach that level of intricacy, it is still satisfying and intense.

The soundtrack for John Wick has its moments. The pulsating beat during the club massacre is perfect, but the scenes featuring Marilyn Manson’s “Killing Strangers” are a little on the nose.

If I had to pick one thing that I found to be mediocre about John Wick, it would be the script. While it’s satisfactory for an action film, I still found it to be extremely cringeworthy at times. John screaming “killed that from me” is one of the worst offenders.

If you love Keanu Reeves, exciting action sequences, and seeing bad guys get decimated, you’ll love John Wick.

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