I hardly even know what to say about this film.

I love Tom Hardy, he is a phenomenal actor and his performance in Bronson is insane and electric and incredible.

I also love Refn’s style. I love the hyper-stylized, surreal cinematography and the pulsating 80’s synth soundtrack. Something about the combination of the two really taps into the creative part of my brain and speaks to me.

But Bronson just didn’t do anything for me.

Where Refn’s other films have a purpose and offer insight into the psyche of his characters, Bronson fails to deliver anything but violence and anger. The viewer is offered no insight into the mind of Charles Bronson, outside of witnessing his absolute insanity. There is no explanation, no depth, no connection.

The scenes where Bronson (Tom Hardy) is performing on stage for an audience really bothered me. Not in a good, contemplative fashion; instead I found them incredibly annoying and frustrating. What was I watching? A visual perspective of Charles Bronson’s mind?

While I can appreciate what Refn was attempting to do, I just couldn’t enjoy it.

Also, Tom Hardy was nude for like half of the film and it was weird.

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