A Dark Song


Parts of this film really intrigued and, honestly, frightened me.

As someone that truly believes in the supernatural and feels that it should never be tampered with, the majority of A Dark Song was terrifying. Not so much the film itself as its connotations to the real world.

Unfortunately, as a movie it just didn’t do much of anything for me. The characters were bland and, frankly, incredibly annoying. Vacillating between Joseph (Steve Oram) yelling belligerently and Sophia (Catherine Walker) asking idiotic questions repeatedly, neither one captivated or interested me in the slightest.

The plot itself is thin, and the character motivations fall apart ludicrously. Sophia wants vengeance for her son who was killed by some random teenagers in an occult ritual… as if this happens just every day. Also, how did she even know they were teenagers when the police closed the case for lack of leads? What? Joseph wants to be invisible because… reasons I suppose.

A Dark Song completely derails in its third act, when suspenseful dread becomes visible horror and all sense of wonder and mystery is immediately lost. Apparently beings from other dimensions look like humans covered in chalk dust. Who knew?

A horrible ending to a mediocre film is made even worse by a laughable CGI guardian angel, and Sophia asking for it to grant her the power to forgive. Seriously? All of that for something that a basic human being can do on their own?


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