Logan Lucky


This film started out with great promise. The idea of a good guy down on his luck that turns to criminal activity is always an interesting concept.

I was impressed, for once, by Channing Tatum. This film is, if nothing else, proof that he is capable of decent acting. In fact, all of the cast did a great job. Well, everyone except for Hilary Swank. Her performance was awful, easily the worst in the entire film.

The biggest issue I had with Logan Lucky is the incomprehensibly ludicrous plot. Watching mostly dumb characters bumble their way through a heist could have been insanely entertaining… except they get away with it. Flawlessly, in fact.

From the Speedway neglecting to change the pass code to the ridiculous situation at the prison, everything goes right for the crew and they face no repercussions for anything. It’s intolerably unbelievable.

Logan Lucky is also a complete mess tonally. At times attempting to be a comedy, and then a serious heist film, and then a heartfelt drama. Unfortunately, nearly all of the humor falls completely flat. The sincerity of the heist is undermined by its absurd improbability. The drama is trivial because none of the characters are fleshed out, and instead come across as soulless caricatures.

A few of the scenes are just flat-out terrible. The entirety of the prison “riot” scene is nearly unwatchable, made worse by the Game of Thrones sequence. I don’t mean to generalize but the idea of prison inmates reading – of all things – the A Song of Ice and Fire series is laughable.

Logan Lucky is an okay, if somewhat vapid, film.

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