I didn’t know what exactly to expect going into Apostle. The only information I had was that it was a horror film written and directed by Gareth Evans, and that was more than enough to pique my interest.

I was not disappointed.

I love Lovecraftian horror, and Apostle is writhing with it. In fact, the entire film reminded me quite a bit of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The setting and atmosphere are incredibly well done and believable. All of the performances are great with Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen, and Mark Lewis Jones being the obvious standouts. The cinematography is simultaneously breathtaking and dark and visceral. The soundtrack is nerve-wracking and tense.

I really enjoyed the plot of Apostle, and I especially loved that it didn’t reveal too much. The film allows the viewer to see only what it wishes, leaving things unexplained and questions unanswered.

The idea of chaining a god and using it for your own desires is an interesting concept, one with obvious and bloody repercussions. Being a Christian myself, my personal experiences added another meaningful layer to this plot point. I’ve seen many Christians use God only when they need Him, as though He was their personal insurance policy.

Any fan of Lovecraftian horror, dark atmosphere, and brutal violence should give Apostle a chance; it fills a niche that isn’t often explored in the genre, and does so quite effectively.

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