Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds


The premise of this film seemed really, really cool. I was super excited to see some epic scenes with gods in the afterlife, and reality-shifting guardians in the real world.

Unfortunately, it felt bland.

Each trial that Kim Jahong (Tae-Hyun Cha) faced was basically the same. He was brought before a god, tried by bumbling imbeciles, and saved by his representation.

I guess I misread the description of this film, or didn’t understand it, because in no way did I think that “navigating the afterlife” meant dull pseudo courtroom trials with absolutely zero consequence whatsoever.

The action scenes – what few there are – were really cool. The drama was heartfelt. The actors and actresses involved gave excellent performances. The dream sequence with Kim Soo-hong (Dong-wook Kim) and his mother was especially touching and emotional.

It’s hard to say if my opinion of this film is based on my faulty expectations, or the actual quality of the material.

Either way, not a bad experience.

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