I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

I have rarely empathized with a character in a film more than I do with Ruth (Melanie Lynskey). I’ve often felt that the odds are stacked against me, that the world is out to get me, and that I just don’t understand or feel like I belong here.

Detective Bendix (Gary Anthony Williams) tells Ruth that other people have it a lot worse than she does. He is getting a divorce, after all. Angie (Lee Eddy) admonishes Ruth in the same way, telling her that she has it pretty good. Meanwhile, Angie has everything that Ruth doesn’t: a husband, a nice house, a child.

If there’s one thing I have learned in my adult life, it’s that no one can understand your pain as keenly as you can. No one can really, truly understand.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore is an excellent black comedy about what happens when everything that could go wrong does go wrong. It’s a grim and honest look at the fact that no matter how much you want people to be kind and not be assholes, they always will be. People will always be assholes.

I enjoyed everything about this film. The cinematography is well done, the performances are spectacular. Elijah Wood was hilarious. The ending was darker than I anticipated and satisfying in a morbid way.

My only issue is that Macon Blair backed off on the realistic, unhappy tone of the entire film and revealed Tony (Elijah Wood) to be alive.

More often than not, life doesn’t give you a happy ending.

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