Edge of Tomorrow


The part where the super soldiers fight the aliens? Pretty good.

The other parts? Pretty bland.

The main problem is that I’ve seen this film before – it’s called Groundhog Day. Edge of Tomorrow lacks the charm of that movie, however.

Not only did I find the repetitive scenes and conversations tiresome and boring, I found the logic of this film to be completely asinine.

The aliens can control time. Alphas are extremely rare. The guy that can’t even get his suit or gun to work not only encounters an Alpha, but manages to kill it. If a human – specifically a human – kills an alpha, they tap into the mainframe and are able to alter time. Then they get visions of the hive brain. But the hive brain is lying. But there’s this convenient deus ex machina that allows the humans to bypass this and find out where the hive brain actually is. And then the hive brain is destroyed and time resets, but it’s completely different?

Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous, unnecessary love story.

People think this is good?

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