Thoroughbreds is one of those few films that it’s hard to find anything wrong with.?

The most interesting part of Thoroughbreds for me was the character of Amanda. Olivia Cooke did a phenomenal job portraying her, but that isn’t the only thing that I appreciated about the character.

I felt for her. I related to her.

Because, in some ways, I’m a lot like her. I have a hard time feeling normal emotions. I won’t go so far as to say that I don’t feel anything, but I’m certainly different than most people that I encounter.

It was really cool to see someone like Amanda portrayed in a light other than a serial killer. So many people don’t understand that it’s entirely possible to be a sociopath, or to have a personality disorder, and not be a deranged murderer.

Thoroughbreds also explores the idea of morality, and how the murder of someone like Mark (Paul Sparks) falls into the “grey area” of our society’s morals. How that morality shifts when looked upon with the cold, logical reason of someone like Amanda.

It was well done that Mark’s true nature – aside from his outburst at Lily’s (Anya Taylor-Joy) mother – is never truly shown. His abuse is very much psychological, and it leaves the audience questioning Lily’s intensity for his murder. Was it truly justified?

Is life really worth living if you can’t feel anything?

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