This is possibly the stupidest film I’ve ever subjected myself to.

And yes, I understand. God, man, Mother Nature, destroying the Earth, etc. I get it.

This film is just idiotic. The reason being that outside of parallels and symbolism and allegories, this story doesn’t exist. There is no narrative outside of the subliminal meaning. Nothing that happens in mother! would ever, ever happen. And I’m not just talking about the insane supernatural third half of the film, either.

Why would anyone allow complete strangers to stay in their home? They wouldn’t! Unless the author of said story needed a setting for their contrived allegory.

I’m not entirely sure if the script itself was garbage, or if it was a casualty of Jennifer “One Expression” Lawrence’s awful wooden performance. I will never understand how anyone can consider her a capable actress.

Outside of everything I’ve already said, the film is simply boring. Literally nothing happens for an hour and a half, aside from Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) walking around the house saying “excuse me” and “hey!”.

I wish I could have my two hours back.

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