It Follows


There are consequences to everything, and that includes sex. No matter how much a person or people want their sexual encounters to be commitment free with no strings attached, it just doesn’t work that way.

It will always follow you. It will creep up and remind you of its presence when you least expect it.

David Robert Mitchell took that premise and applied it to a horror film, and the results are spectacular. It Follows is one of the best atmospheric horror films of the past decade.

I love how much of It Follows is completely ambiguous. The time period, the age of the characters, the season, the creature itself, and the ending. Mitchell leaves so much up to the interpretation of the viewer, and I find that to be astounding. I don’t like films that hold my hand, pointing out the obvious and hitting me over the head with a message.

It Follows is a beautiful film with a mesmerizing, dream-like synth soundtrack. The performances of all involved are fantastic, with Maika Monroe being the obvious standout.

If you find yourself disappointed with the state of the horror genre, It Follows will surprise you and stick with you. It will follow you, haunting you, forcing you to think about it for days.

Pass it on.

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