Get Out


Garbage in every sense of the word.

The script was unrealistic, insipid, and idiotic.

The acting was mediocre at best.

The story was an asinine amalgamation of a bunch of other idiotic plots.

People turning into robots because of hypnotism? Brain surgery in the basement? Transplanting one consciousness into another body?

I’m fairly certain that even SyFy movies have risen above this juvenile tripe.

The score was flat-out annoying.

There was nothing horrifying, or even slightly shocking, about this film. Every jump scare was punctuated with an audio cue. In fact, Get Out is horrifyingly boring.

I just don’t even understand why this film gets so much praise. Oh wait… that’s right. The fear of being labelled a racist goes a long way.

The sad thing is, this film portrays the incredibly racist opinion of Jordan Peele. Good police officers? African Americans. Bad police officer? Caucasian. Kind, poor, oppressed people? African Americans. Horrible, rich psychopaths? Caucasians.

“Why black people? I don’t know. Some people want to be stronger, faster, cooler.”

Yes, that’s an actual quote from this film. I can’t believe I wasted almost two hours on this racist dumpster fire.

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