The Raid: Redemption

And I thought Mad Max: Fury Road was a 2 hour action sequence.

Wow. Everything about this film is exhilarating.

The fight choreography is so good and so much fun to watch. Most importantly, it’s easy to follow what is going on even when there are multiple people engaged in a battle to the death.

The sound direction is also phenomenal. I watched The Raid with my headphones on, and the sound alone during the shootouts was incredibly intense. The soundtrack is amazing, amplifying each fight until the crescendo.

I’m pretty sure I held my breath during each major fight scene.

Action and sound aside, the performances are also fantastic. Iko Uwais brought believability to the character of Rama. Yayan Ruhian was absolutely insane as Mad Dog.

The plot in The Raid is sparse, and we’re dropped into the story somewhere around the middle. However, this works very well for the film. By limiting the exposition and focusing on the action and intensity of the situation, the plot twists were more effective.

The Raid is excellent, and should be a priority for fans of martial arts or action films in general.

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