Good Time


This film started strong. I loved the soundtrack, the neon lighting, and the fast pace.

Unfortunately, after about the first half hour, it becomes a meandering slog that throws out everything I enjoyed about the beginning. Robert Pattinson’s performance is about the only redeeming quality to be found.

The plot itself leaves a whole lot to be desired. Why was Connie (Robert Pattinson) robbing a bank? Why did he bring his disabled brother? What was up with Connie’s middle-aged girlfriend?

Speaking of Connie’s brother: Nick’s (Benny Safdie) plight of imprisonment is basically neglected after the first half hour. Connie is running around attempting to raise the money to get him out, but Nick is never shown again on screen until the very end of the film. I found myself asking ‘Why is he doing this, again?’ a couple times throughout.

Connie’s manipulation of a minor is disturbing and grotesque.

My suspension of disbelief was also severely challenged at times. New York City, and there’s only one police officer guarding a criminal in the hospital? A 16 year old girl randomly trusts, makes out with, and hangs around with a complete stranger she met an hour ago? Not only that, but her grandmother leaves her alone with such a stranger?

I expected to like this film more than I did, but in the end I found myself slightly bored and disappointed.

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