Gone Girl


Absolute garbage.

There is precisely nothing likable about this film.

The script is a literal dumpster fire.

The acting ranges from abysmal to flat-out annoying and intolerable. Ben Affleck was bad but, my God, Rosamund Pike was nearly unwatchable. Her robotic acting and something about her voice or inflection was the most irritating thing I’ve witnessed in quite some time.

The plot was comically laughable, especially for how seriously this movie took itself.

The biggest problem I had with Gone Girl is that no person in this film acts like an actual human being. Whenever someone goes missing, there are not ravenous mobs of people camping outside their house holding up signs like they’re at some kind of concert. There are no Missing Person Groupies.

Anyone outside of close family and friends sees the story on the news for a week and then forgets about it. That’s how the world functions. Good or bad, that’s reality.

This movie is so stupid and annoying on so many levels that I’m frustrated I even spent 2 1/2 hours of my life on it.

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