Everything about this film is dull.

Well, that’s not true. The cinematography of Los Angeles at night is beautiful, and the sequence in the club is frantic and interesting… but that’s about it.

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx give mediocre, dull performances. Max’s (Jamie Foxx) transition from mild-mannered cab driver to full-fledged badass and then back again during the meeting with Felix (Javier Bardem) was completely contrived and laughable.

Horrible writing abounds. The script ranges from mediocre to absolute garbage. Felix’s monologue about Santa Claus was completely out of place and downright comical given the context. The entire opening conversation between Max and Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith) was horrendously boring.

The plot of Collateral is based on an absurdity. There is literally no reason whatsoever why Vincent (Tom Cruise) would not have killed Max multiple times over during this movie. Vincent threatens everyone from random pedestrians to Max’s hospitalized mother, but for some reason does not kill Max when he disobeys. The film never gives any semblance of a reason for this.

The whole police investigation arc is completely pointless. Mark Ruffalo is completely wasted in this film, as is Bruce McGill.

Collateral really challenged my suspension of disbelief on many occasions. There are so many stupid things that happen in this film that I just couldn’t ignore.

Max literally drives around with 600+ pounds worth of dead weight in his trunk. The Prosecutor’s office in downtown Los Angeles doesn’t have bulletproof glass? Destroying a generator of some kind apparently only affects the power on one floor of a building? Vincent, a trained assassin can’t hit a stationary target?

Horrible movie.

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