Cold in July


A modern Western set in the 1980’s with a dark synth score and gun-toting cowboys out for justice? Yes please.

My biggest issue with this film was the complete and jarring shift in tone and plot. What starts out as a suspenseful crime thriller quickly, and without much segue, becomes a violent tale of vigilante brutality.

Michael C. Hall did an excellent job portraying Dane but, I have to be honest, I didn’t see the point of his character in the second half of the film. His presence was inconsequential, not to mention stretching the limits of believability. Dane’s demeanor shifts from timid picture framer to cold-hearted cowboy quicker than the fastest gun in the West.

Don’t get me wrong, I love anything where the good guys shoot the bad guys.

I thought everything else was well done. The cinematography, the acting, the soundtrack were all top-notch. Overall, a very well made film that suffers a bit from a hurried or incomplete plot.

But let’s be honest, seeing those scumbags receive their comeuppance in hot lead was incredibly satisfying.

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