The Vanishing of Sidney Hall


How many bad things can happen to one person?

The Vanishing of Sidney Hall offers a bleak glimpse into the life of someone who has been beaten and broken by life.

There are many themes in this film, all of them woven together artistically to formulate a cohesive story of love, loss, guilt, and self destruction. I personally really enjoyed the nonlinear timeline and the way that the scenes meshed together despite the time differences.

The cinematography is extremely well done. There are many beautiful and memorable scenes, and I really liked how the lightning was often used to set the tone.

Logan Lerman’s portrayal of Sidney was riveting and heart-wrenching. His conveyance of the character’s emotions really brought the film to life. Elle Fanning was a perfect counterpart as Melody, bringing hope and light into Sidney’s dark life. It was crushing to see, later in the film, when her exuberance had been snuffed out.

The musical score is just phenomenal, accentuating each scene perfectly.

Suburban Tragedy was not only the title of Sidney’s book, but a description of the life that he lived.

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