There was a lot of wasted potential with this movie.

I’ve read a lot of reviews claiming that Annihilation is visually beautiful and amazing. I just don’t see it. The CGI on the monsters is average at best, and in some cases downright horrible. The alligator looked especially bad. Even the vines and fungus on the walls looked incredibly fake at times.

That said, the scene with the trees that had grown in humanoid form was an interesting idea and looked great.

For a group of – supposedly – very intelligent women, the characters in this movie make a lot of really stupid decisions. They head into the Shimmer outfitted as though they were going camping for a weekend. Lena (Natalie Portman) goes off by herself into the forest to look for her probably-dead companion with no plausible plan for finding her way back to the group.

The arguably worst part of Annihilation, for me, was the horrible script and atrocious acting. The characters are flat and deliver their poorly-written lines without any sense of conviction whatsoever. The worst offender is Jennifer Jason Leigh. Even Natalie Portman couldn’t redeem a lot of the cringeworthy script.

The ending of this movie is bad. Just bad. The sequence with Lena and the alien felt like it drug on for a long time, and watching them mimic each others’ movements was laughable.

Interesting premise. Horrible execution.

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