A Quiet Place


I’d never realized, or even thought about, how much we take sound for granted. Not just the ability to hear or speak, but the ability to break the silence. To properly express anger, or pain, or sadness.

A Quiet Place shows us a world without such luxuries.

There are many layers to this film, and all of them are woven together very well. The pain of losing a child, and the guilt that accompanies it. The unconditional love of a family, and the fierceness with which we will protect that family. Sacrifice.

The cinematography is amazing. The outdoor scenes are beautiful and haunting – nature continues on, even while humanity crumbles. Lighting and camera angles serve to intensify already stressful scenes.

A Quiet Place features one of the most intense moments of any movie I’ve watched. Evelyn (Emily Blunt) is forced to endure the pain of a serious injury and childbirth in complete silence, while a monster prowls about the house.

This film causes you to question which is worse: complete and utter silence, or creatures that stalk the shadows waiting for you to shatter it?

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